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Incentives: It's All About Location, Location, Location

BY Erin VoegeleAlthough federal programs and policies that support the production, distribution and use of ethanol are crucial to the continued development of the industry, many states have taken additional measures to ensure ethanol's success. READ MORE

Searching for the Next Iowa

BY Kris BevillAs the number of corn ethanol producers stabilizes, companies are expanding their efforts out of the Corn Belt and into regions of the country that currently use ethanol, but do not produce it. Florida has many proposed projects and a massive market for ethanol, but no local producers. Could the Citrus State be poised to become the next Iowa? READ MORE

Driving Up Demand

BY Erin VoegeleOvercoming the E10 blend wall and increasing the market for ethanol-blended fuels is not only important in sustaining first-generation producers, but is also vital to ensuring industry growth and support for second- and third-generation producers. An important component in lifting the blend wall is increased use of flex-fuel vehicles and E85. READ MORE

Delivering Renewable Results

BY Susanne Retka SchillSolid Canadian backing for renewable fuels mandates and positive benefits from biofuels energized the Canadian Renewable Fuels Summit. READ MORE


The Proof Is In the Profit

BY Terry LashEthanol research center investigates new technologies to benefit the biofuel industry READ MORE

Nanotech Products Increase Efficiency and Energy Saving

BY KHATEREH A. PISHRO & FRANCESCA M. CROLLEYMore than 800 manufacturer-identified nanotech products are publicly available, with three to four new ones hitting the market each week. READ MORE

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If Past is Prologue

BY Bob Dinneen

State of the Ethanol Industry-2010 and Beyond

BY Gregory J. Lynch and Porter J. Martin

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