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‘Beeting' a Path to Advanced Biofuels

BY Anna AustinA three-way partnership in North Dakota aims to utilize one of the state's top crops for the development of sugar beet-to-biofuel plants in five regions. READ MORE

China Trade Explodes

BY Susanne Retka SchillChina promises a tantalizingly big market for U.S. DDGS, but numerous issues may prevent it from ever being fully realized. READ MORE

Sorghum Surges

BY Holly JessenNearly one-third of U.S. sorghum production is going into ethanol—and there's room for growth. READ MORE

Biobutanol: Friend or Foe?

BY Erin VoegeleGiven the immense challenges faced by the ethanol industry over the past 18 months, it isn't surprising that some may be inclined to view biobutanol as competition. However, future biobutanol producers adamantly describe themselves as allies of ethanol production. READ MORE

E15: Beyond the Waiver

BY Erin VoegeleThe expected EPA approval of E15 later this year will be only the beginning. In order to bring E15 to market, the ethanol industry needs to support petroleum marketers in addressing the issues that impact their willingness and ability to sell higher ethanol blends. READ MORE

Pork and Ethanol Face Off

BY Craig A. JohnsonA longstanding "beef" with pork producers is the competition for corn with ethanol. The causes of the pork producers' painful losses are myriad. Are biofuels really to blame? READ MORE


Ethanol Producers Face Current, Future GHG Emissions Reporting Concerns

BY Wade WatsonThoroughly understanding the EPA's greenhouse gas reporting rules will be critical for ethanol producers in 2010 and beyond. READ MORE

Efficient Ethanol Production

BY Karsten Deuringer and Sven FleischerThe two most important factors affecting ethanol production are conditioning of the yeast and plant hygiene. Ziemann Group emphasizes easy operation and maintenance in the design of effective fermenters. READ MORE

Sidestream Filtration of Cooling Systems

BY Dan LingenProblems with corrosion, fouling, and poor heat transfer can be helped with properly designed filtration. READ MORE

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