Inside April 2010


Measured Expectations

BY Kris BevillThe U.S. EPA will begin requiring participants of its mandatory greenhouse gas emissions reporting program to use prescribed methods on April 1. How do these methods differ from the best practices that have been used until now and what changes should producers look out for in the future? READ MORE

Gumming up the Works

BY Holly JessenThis year's delayed harvest presents farmers and ethanol producers with several challenges—from dealing with high moisture corn to testing moldy corn for mycotoxins. READ MORE

Setting Boundaries with the Low Carbon Fuel Standard

BY Anna AustinDespite strong opposition, in January, California approved implementation of a low carbon fuel standard. The California Air Resources Board is now preparing biofuel producers for compliance and anticipates many challenges in ensuring fairness and accuracy. READ MORE

Ethanol: Growing It, Burning It and Breaking Records

BY Luke GeiverA home-grown, corn-fueled race car tops 255 mph on Rockett Brand E85. READ MORE


Expanding Ethanol Dehydration

BY Felipe Tavares, Jansley Pascoal and Bruno MaiaA number of alternative methods are available for debottlenecking cooling water systems and the molecular sieves that are used for ethanol dehydration. READ MORE

Next-Generation Biofuels: Establishing, Protecting and Profiting from Technology Rights

BY Charles R. RichardPatents and trade secrets may protect and profit owners, but do they not guarantee a monopoly. READ MORE

Distilled - Ethanol News & Trends

Final RFS rule qualifies all corn ethanol, launches new online RINs system

BY Holly Jessen, Luke Geiver and Susanne Retka Schill