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Behind the Cellulosic Scenes

BY Anna AustinResearchers in Wisconsin and the UK are developing new techniques to augment various aspects of cellulosic ethanol production. READ MORE

Capturing Carbon

BY Luke GeiverThe real issue with CO2 exists in policy debate, but that hasn't stopped some ethanol plants from capturing and selling the greenhouse gas. READ MORE

Pushing Back on Violations

BY Luke GeiverMinnesota's new Ethanol Initiative Compliance Team will work face-to-face with producers on a first-of-its-kind program to rein in the state's growing number of fines. READ MORE

Healthy Living: DDG's New Function

BY Luke GeiverDistillers grains may find a new market for extracted protein and fiber to be used in functional foods. READ MORE

Not Satisfied with the Status Q

BY Holly JessenJohn McCarthy Jr. has stepped in as president and CEO of Massachusetts-based Qteros. Will he bring Big Oil to the investment table in as dramatic a way as he has in the past? READ MORE


The Rise and Fall of VeraSun, Continued

BY Todd Taylor and James DorseyA shareholder suit against the board and management of the former VeraSun illustrates important considerations for all ethanol producers. READ MORE

Economic Drivers of Low-Carbon Energy Solutions for Ethanol Producers

BY Scott McDermottA forward-looking approach is needed to understand the current and potential macroeconomic drivers for the utilization of biomass as a feedstock for coal-fired boilers, biomass gasification and cellulosic ethanol. READ MORE

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See You in St. Louis

BY Susanne Retka Schill

RFS2: Just One of the Administration's GHG Reduction Strategies

BY David A. Crass, William J. Robinson and Anna J. Wi

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