Inside July 2010


The Thrill of a Presidential Visit

BY Holly JessenPresident Obama's April 28 visit to the Poet Biorefining plant in Macon, Mo., wasn't just good news for one ethanol producer. Many believe the whole industry can glean hope from that event. READ MORE

U.S., Canadian Project Roundup

BY Holly Jessen and Luke GeiverThe North American ethanol industry has had its share of bumps in the road, yet a dozen plants came online the past year, a handful are still under construction and some intriguing projects are proposed. READ MORE

Cellulosic Snapshot

BY Anna AustinEPM reviews the status of U.S. cellulosic ethanol projects. READ MORE

Ethanol to Drink

BY Holly JessenAnyone working in the ethanol industry has heard the joke about drinking their work. For a few, however, ethanol for human consumption is no laughing matter. READ MORE

A Boost to the System

BY Luke GeiverA team of engine developers from Ricardo Inc. has downsized a standard engine using ethanol-infused technology. The result: a smaller engine with huge gains. READ MORE

Beating Bankruptcy

BY Luke GeiverFor ethanol plants in financial distress, the way out can seem almost impossible, but several plants this year have negotiated a path through reorganization. READ MORE

International Ethanol Report: 2010

BY Luke Geiver and Holly JessenEPM takes a look at international developments with a special focus on Brazil. READ MORE


CO2—A Cost Effective Alternative to Sulfuric Acid in Cooling Systems

BY Mike MowbrayCaptured CO2 from the fermentation process can be used for pH control in cooling water, reducing scale formation. READ MORE

Ensuring Adequate Working Capital to Support the Business in Good Times—and Bad

BY Scott McDermottA systematic approach incorporating operating history with financial and statistical methods helps in forecasting liquidity needs in volatile markets. READ MORE

Cellulosic Ethanol and Power Plant Co-Location: Savings in Synergy

BY Frances WilliamsFeedstock sharing, cost savings and regulatory compliance are among the benefits in co-location. READ MORE

Anaerobic Treatment at Ethanol Facilities

BY Ryan JohnstonAnaerobic digestion is an effective system to treat waste streams and produce renewable energy for ethanol plants. READ MORE

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