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Weathering the VEETC Storm

BY Holly JessenContradictory reports and new policy proposals are causing turbulence in efforts to extend the ethanol blenders tax credit, set to expire in December. READ MORE

Unlocking the Power of Corn

BY Holly JessenFractionation—long considered an interesting but expensive add-on—may finally gain traction in the ethanol industry. READ MORE

Fueling a New Market

BY Kris BevillA mid-Atlantic company may have developed a solution for two of ethanol producers' main problems: natural gas usage and how to increase demand for their product. READ MORE


CO2 Increasingly Important to Ethanol

BY Sam RushingCarbon dioxide must be properly developed economically in order to yield the greatest return, while the implications for an ever-warming globe and the ultimate reduction of greenhouse gas emissions must also be considered. READ MORE

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Recent Legal Challenges to EPA's RFS2

BY Andrew Anderson and Jess Phelps

Fueling Freedom

BY Tom Buis

It's About the Message

BY Susanne Retka Schill

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