Inside October 2010


Engineers on the Ground

BY Holly JessenThe expertise of on-staff engineers pays off in troubleshooting, systems optimization and evaluation of new technology. READ MORE

Keeping an Eye On Yeast

BY Kris BevillMicroscopes have long been the tool for counting yeast cells in fermentation tank samples. Automated yeast monitoring may soon change that. READ MORE

Boosting the Back End's Bottom Line

BY Kris BevillA new technology targeting whole stillage produces enchanced coproducts and new possibilities. READ MORE


Achieving a Sustainable Manufacturing Advantage

BY Charles A. HorthAn innovative IT solution can dramatically improve the operating environment and the bottom line at ethanol plants. READ MORE

Distilled - Ethanol News & Trends



IRS Denies Patronage Dividend Deduction

BY Hamang Patel and Craig Johnson

The World Upside Down

BY Robert Vierhout

Overcoming Color Bias

BY Bill Greving

50 Years of OPEC

BY Tom Buis

Push for E100 Engines

BY Bill Farrah

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