Inside December 2010


Filling Up

BY Kris BevillThough the blend wall is looming and E15 is a wild card, the ethanol industry is finding areas for market growth. READ MORE

Outlook and Perspective

BY Holly Jessen and Kris BevillIndustry leaders share what's on their minds as a new decade begins. What opportunities and challenges lie ahead? READ MORE

Plants in Transition

BY Holly JessenRestructuring in the ethanol industry continues with several ethanol plants heading to the auction block and a handful of other plants restarting or preparing to restart. READ MORE


Actuator Key to Plant Optimization

BY Jay TannanUsing electric actuators on critical applications improves control and reliability. READ MORE

Low-Hanging Fruit

BY Randy McDanielRelatively inexpensive modifications to the cooling tower and RO can save energy and water. READ MORE

Distilled - Ethanol News & Trends

‘Action Now'

BY Kris BevillIs administration support enough to spur Congress to extend ethanol incentives? READ MORE

Blender Pump Boom

BY Kris BevillNorth Dakota's tremendous growth sets an example READ MORE

For Now, E15 Still Illegal

BY Holly JessenRFA, Growth Energy work through multiple implementation steps READ MORE

Racing On E15

NASCAR chooses ethanol READ MORE

VEETC is Vital

BY Holly JessenCredit lowers effective price of ethanol READ MORE

Hitting the Feed Wall

BY Holly JessenWithout exports, U.S. DDGS will reach saturation point READ MORE

At a Glance

NREL online tool layers industry information on map READ MORE

Backing Brazil's Bagasse

BY Kris BevillPotential profits are bringing in investments from around the world. READ MORE

Advanced Demand

BY Kris BevillRising demand for low-carbon, advanced biofuels to ramp up sugarcane-based ethanol demand READ MORE

VeraSun Lives On

BY Holly JessenBankrupt company reaches out as if from the grave READ MORE

Ethanol, Corn, Crude

BY Susanne Retka SchillPrice relationships, profitability READ MORE

Biofuels Blame Game

BY Holly JessenFood vs. fuel misconception keeps raising its ugly head READ MORE

Betting on Success

BY Kris Bevill6 profitable quarters for GPRE READ MORE

Fueling Up on Education

BY Kris BevillInforming millions on the benefits of using alternative fuels READ MORE


Uniting Producers

BY Robert Vierhout

New Decade, New Look

BY Susanne Retka Schill

Corn Quality

BY Charles Hurburgh

Business Briefs