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Canadian Report Card: Passing & Growing

BY Kris BevillDiversification and unification were underlying themes at the annual Canadian Renewable Fuels Summit. READ MORE

Winning $5 Million with E85

BY Holly JessenThe Edison2 team abandoned electric car technology to meet the requirements of the X Prize with a super light, super efficient E85-optimized car—and won. READ MORE

Pumping Up E85

BY Kris BevillPropel Fuels aggressively addresses California’s dire need for infrastructure. READ MORE

Green Flags for E85

BY Holly JessenEthanol has big fans in the racing crowd and they are revving up its use. READ MORE

Blending to the Top

BY Kris BevillSparsely populated North Dakota leads the U.S. in blender pumps. READ MORE


Protect Employees, Contractors With Safe Work Permit System

BY David Ayers A methodical approach ensures safety issues are considered and multiple hazards are accounted for. READ MORE

Ancient Art of Falconry an Asset in Avian Pest Control

BY Stephen Bucciarelli & Melanie Paterack Avian infestations can create safety and health hazards, affecting ethanol plant revenue. READ MORE

How Should Ethanol Producers Respond to External Conditions?

BY Peter DominiciWith external factors looking unfavorable, producers should look to internal variables. READ MORE

Distilled - Ethanol News & Trends

Negative ILUC

BY Holly JessenUK report examines wheat ethanol READ MORE

Making the Grade

BY Susanne Retka SchillIsobutanol cleared by EPA READ MORE

‘Biofuels are the New Oil’

BY Kris BevillBP focuses its cellulosic activities on energy grass feedstocks READ MORE

The Numbers for 2011

BY Kris BevillCellulosic lowered as expected, corn ethanol unchanged READ MORE

Storing E15

BY Kris BevillThe U.S. EPA proposes compliance guidance READ MORE

Getting from Here to There

BY Holly JessenEIA predicts ethanol pricing base to shift READ MORE

Picking Winners?

BY Kris BevillProposed labels may favor electric cars READ MORE

Yes I can!

BY Holly JessenWisconsin man attempts world record on E85-optimized minibike READ MORE

Educating the Clueless

BY Holly JessenNational campaign targets FFV drivers READ MORE

What’s next?

BY Holly JessenReform on the table after 1-year extension of VEETC READ MORE

‘Ethanol Kicks Gas’

BY Holly JessenPoe takes Fagen plane to new heights READ MORE

ILUC Uncertainty

BY Kris BevillReport examines the uncertainty surrounding land use change analyses and available marginal lands. READ MORE


The Time to Plan for Ethanol’s Future is Now

BY Porter J. Martin and Gregory J. Lynch

Positive Results for E85

BY Susanne Retka Schill

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

BY Ethanol Producer Magazine Staff