Inside May 2011


Knocking Natural Gas Off Its Throne

BY Holly JessenWith an eye toward both energy costs and environmental concerns, ethanol producers are embarking on innovative energy projects READ MORE

Start at the Beginning

BY Kris BevillCorn and switchgrass have been modified to become more efficient feedstocks. READ MORE

Improvement Hot Spots

BY Kris BevillTight margins make efficiency improvements key to ethanol plant profitability READ MORE


Shale Play Transforms Natural Gas Economics

BY Michael Trakhtenberg Small changes in the natural gas supply are making a profound difference in the market READ MORE

Loan Guarantees and Great Expectations

BY Todd Alexander and Chadron Edwards Revisions to the USDA Section 9003 Biorefinery Assistance Program create opportunities READ MORE

Distilled - Ethanol News & Trends

The Push Out

BY Kris BevillEthanol consumption is up, petroleum imports are down—is it sustainable? READ MORE

DDGS Redirection

BY Holly JessenExports to China drop, but increase dramatically to Mexico READ MORE

Points of Interest

BY Susanne Retka SchillPlant map shows industry growth, change READ MORE

Progress Report

BY Kris BevillFirst triennial biofuels report being drafted for Congress READ MORE

Startup Key

BY Holly JessenAE Advanced Fuels plant gets needed financing READ MORE

Putting a Face on Ethanol

BY Holly Jessen60 people hold 160 meetings in DC fly-in READ MORE

Hot New Feedstock?

BY Holly JessenThere’s room for expansion in beverage waste-to-ethanol production READ MORE

Amazing Zein

BY Kris BevillIllinois River Energy plans to extract zein protein from corn READ MORE

Biogas from Syrup

BY Holly JessenEthanol byproduct targeted for bio-power production READ MORE

E10 still on in Germany

BY Holly JessenOpposition circulates rumors, misinformation about biofuel READ MORE

Commercial Conversion

BY Kris BevillEdeniQ, Logos Technologies engineer corn-to-cellulosic technology READ MORE

Fostering a Friendship

BY Kris BevillWill the US, Brazil working agreement on aviation biofuels bring an end to tariffs? READ MORE

Adding to the Mix

BY Kris BevillCargill eyes diversification at newly acquired Iowa ethanol plant READ MORE

Clean Machine

BY Holly JessenEngineering students optimize snowmobiles for ethanol blends READ MORE

‘Realistic first step’

BY Holly JessenEthanol infrastructure to fuel FFVs needed for success of Obama’s plan READ MORE

E15 ‘sells itself’

BY Holly JessenNASCAR driver finds it easy to promote American Ethanol READ MORE