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The France Factor

BY Holly JessenBrian France, NASCAR’s Chairman and CEO, exploded into the collective consciousness of the ethanol industry in 2010—when he announced NASCAR would fuel its race cars with E15. READ MORE

The Poetization of Cloverdale

BY Susanne Retka SchillAn idled Indiana plant restarts with $30 million in retrofits READ MORE

Industry on the Move

BY Holly JessenReviewing a year of restarts and acquisitions READ MORE

Taking the Pulse of the Industry

BY Holly JessenThe storyline for the ethanol industry in 2009 and 2010 was increasing health and maturity READ MORE

Growing Pains

BY Kris BevillBrazil’s sugarcane ethanol industry hits a snag READ MORE

On the Brink of Sweeping Change

BY Eugene GerdenRussia plans to tap into bountiful resources to expand ethanol production READ MORE

Setting the Net

BY Kris BevillThe concept of replacing VEETC with a variable tax credit is gaining popularity. Will it work? READ MORE

7 Associations 1 Goal

BY Erin VoegeleBioenergy industry leaders discuss policy objectives and collaboration at the International Biomass Conference READ MORE


Controlling Bacteria During Corn Mash Fermentation

BY Reed SemenzaOxiders can replace antibiotics in fermentation, boosting ethanol yields READ MORE

2011 Threatens to Repeat 2008-’09 in Ethanol Economics

BY Rob CarringerHigh corn prices and lower ethanol prices will squeeze independents out READ MORE

Plant Profitability: Back to Basics

BY James K. Schmidt Considering the factors that impact margins in a changing industry READ MORE

The Ethanol Industry and Gevo’s Vision of the Future

BY Patrick GruberCEO lays the case for isobutanol and a spirit of cooperation READ MORE

Plant-wide Optimization Solution Uses Unified, Integrated Control

BY Maina MachariaHighly volatile, razor-thin margins require maximum plant efficiency READ MORE

Jumping into Smaller Ponds

BY Patrick RopellaManagers moving from big to small companies can be mutually beneficial READ MORE

Distilled - Ethanol News & Trends

Show Me the Biomass

BY Kris BevillCo-op receives first USDA approval for a BCAP-dedicated energy crop READ MORE

Rising Projections

BY Holly JessenEIA Report: Ethanol could displace 12 percent of gasoline demand by 2035 READ MORE

The Denser the Better

BY Kris BevillCollaborators across three states explore biomass densification READ MORE

It's a Bargain

BY Kris BevillDemand for E85 is on the rise, thanks to high gas prices and areas of expanded infrastructure READ MORE

Iowa Grabs the Honor

BY Kris BevillIt’s the first state to incentivize E15 READ MORE

Keeping CEPIP

BY Kris BevillCalifornia’s ethanol producers successfully rally to defend incentives READ MORE

On the Cusp

BY Holly JessenGreenField launches G2BioChem to build cellulosic demo READ MORE

Farmers Breathe Sigh of Relief

BY Holly JessenBarley contracts for failed Osage plant will be honored READ MORE

Gevo on the Move

BY Holly JessenIsobutanol company works to convert ethanol production facilities READ MORE

Global Impact

BY Kris BevillInternational agencies confirm biofuels’ vital role READ MORE



BY Susanne Retka Schill

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

BY Ethanol Producer Magazine Staff