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2011 FEW Review

BY Holly Jessen, Kris Bevill, Ron Kotrba and Susanne Retka Schill Advancing the Industry Through Promotion, Policy and Technology READ MORE

2011 FEW Review - Track 1 Cellulosic Ethanol: Room for Debate

BY Kris BevillCellulosic producers present multiple paths forward READ MORE

2011 FEW Review - Track 2 Management: It's Not Just About the Money

BY Holly JessenCompetitive salaries aren’t the only thing people look for in their job choice READ MORE

2011 FEW Review - Track 3 Coproducts/Product Diversification: Enhancement & Diversity

BY Ron Kotrba The next generation of corn ethanol coproducts is here READ MORE

2011 FEW Review - Track 4 Production: Tuning it Up

BY Susanne Retka Schill Multi-pronged approaches to optimization READ MORE

A Constant in Changing Times

BY Kris BevillOne plant’s success story in an ever-evolving industry READ MORE

Catching the Sugar Wave

BY Holly JessenNot content to let Brazil hog all the glory, three development-stage companies eye sugar-based ethanol feedstocks READ MORE

Troubleshooting – How the Lab Can Help

BY Sabrina Trupia Reviewing the basics of fermentation from a lab analyst’s point of view READ MORE

Seeking Common Ground

BY Julia Olmstead Traveling together to Brazil, Americans representing a range of perspectives on ethanol and environmentalism attempt to forge a shared path toward ethanol sustainability READ MORE


Helping Ethanol Producers Operate in the ‘Sweet Spot’

BY Guillermo Coward-Kelly Novozymes describes the process behind finding innovative solutions READ MORE

Louisiana Biofuels Plan Would Decentralize Production

BY Michael K. Bullard How the 2008 Recession Halted the Progress of Louisiana’s Advanced Biofuel Industry Development Initiative READ MORE

Sweet Sorghum Boosts the Efficiency of Ethanol

BY Benjamin Burroughs Ethanol has some distinct advantages as a fuel, and sweet sorghum promises even better input/output ratios READ MORE

Distilled - Ethanol News & Trends

Who’s on the List?

BY Kris BevillThe U.S. EPA pegs a handful of cellulosic producers to contribute to next year’s RFS goal READ MORE

Build it Yourself

BY Kris BevillEthanol producers take blender pumps into their own hands READ MORE

Feedstock Solution

BY Holly JessenAutomated grass-grow system offered with modular ethanol refineries READ MORE

The (Not So) Little Things

BY Kris BevillThe U.S. EPA’s recently finalized E15 label addresses color, wording influence on consumers READ MORE

Got $1,000?

BY Holly JessenFederal patent program encourages commercialization READ MORE

No Import Tariff, No Worries?

BY Kris BevillBrazilian ethanol not likely to flood U.S. market soon READ MORE

Shocking Methods

BY Holly JessenTexas A&M shoots biomass READ MORE

Stepping Aside

BY Holly JessenCalifornia biogas project delayed after neighbors express concern READ MORE

Going Strong

BY Holly JessenEthanol industry growing in Indiana, even in times of economic distress READ MORE

Enter Shell

BY Kris BevillShell steps into biofuel production through Brazil joint venture READ MORE

Balancing Act

BY Holly JessenGolden Grain finds corn oil yield sweet spot READ MORE

The Next-Next Best Thing

BY Kris BevillIowa State University devotes attention to hybrid processing techniques READ MORE


A Satisfying Event

BY Susanne Retka Schill

E15. What Now?

BY Ron Lamberty

Entering the Endgame

BY Robert Vierhout

Iowa Expands Renewable Fuels Incentives

BY Andrew Anderson and Adam B.Thimmesch

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

BY Ethanol Producer Magazine Staff