Inside September 2011


The Quest for Maximum Yield

BY Holly JessenEthanol producers who don’t relentlessly focus on yield may be leaving precious revenue on the table READ MORE

Seeking the Blending Sweet Spot

BY Kris BevillE15 is getting most of the attention, but is it the best way to expand ethanol’s market share? READ MORE

Getting Better

BY Kris BevillA conversation with the U.S. DOE’s Jonathan Silver, head of loan programs READ MORE


Harvesting Both Corn Grain and Stover in Adverse Weather

BY Cole Gustafson, Thein Maung and David Ripplinger NDSU quantifies the cost and time involved in corn stover collection READ MORE

Water Intensity of Corn-Based Ethanol Needs to Include DDGS Credit

BY Gouri Shankar Mishra and Sonia Yeh Study recalculates water consumption with expanded system boundaries and coproduct credit READ MORE

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Symbiont Solutions

BY Bryan Sims Purdue research investigates digestive enzymes READ MORE

Tiny But Mighty

BY Kris BevillDynamo tops 1,000 mpg READ MORE

It’s Out There

BY Kris BevillStudy shows ample stover, straw available for cellulosic production READ MORE

Corn for Hydrocarbons

BY Holly JessenAdd-on technology developed for corn ethanol plants READ MORE

Ignite the Racetrack

BY Holly JessenUSAC selects branded ethanol as official racing fuel READ MORE

Appetite for Improvement

BY Kris BevillResearchers examine why certain yeasts like to eat C5 sugars and others don’t READ MORE

Broadening the Scope

BY Kris BevillDSM to expand offerings for cellulosic producers READ MORE

Lignol Skips Ahead

BY Holly JessenProject no longer funded by DOE READ MORE

Data Dilemma

BY Kris BevillCorn and distillers grains numbers questioned READ MORE

Apple Ethanol

BY Holly JessenWashington man fuels truck with waste apples READ MORE

All Eyes on Iowa

BY Kris BevillIowa’s corn crop residues soon to become hot commodity READ MORE


Seeking Gains

BY Susanne Retka Schill

Washington’s New Era

BY Bob Dinneen

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

BY Ethanol Producer Magazine Staff