Inside October 2011


Seeking Sound Corn: Quality Matters

BY Holly JessenDo ethanol plants need to improve their grading practices? READ MORE

Ethanol: One Market for a Growing Corn Supply

BY Holly JessenFrank talk about where the nation’s corn supply goes—fuel, feed and food READ MORE

Stover for Power—Not Just Biofuels

BY Kris BevillPartnering to produce energy from stover could be an attractive option for corn ethanol plants. READ MORE

Wood Climbs from Supporting Role to Center Stage

BY Kris BevillWood-to-ethanol projects approach feasibility READ MORE


The Subsidy Debate: Oil vs. Ethanol

BY Kate Bechen and Porter J. Martin Direct, indirect and hidden subsidies and incentives benefit both industries, and need to be acknowledged READ MORE

Comprehensive Miscanthus Commercialization Model Needed

BY David R. Robbins and Stephen S. Tam A systematic look at feedstock development offers ideas for reducing costs, ensuring success READ MORE

Distilled - Ethanol News & Trends

Preparing for E15

BY Holly JessenACE speakers address regulatory hurdles, getting the fuel to consumers READ MORE

Safely Securing Energy Crop Acres

BY Kris BevillBCAP assists in establishing energy crops throughout US READ MORE

Approved at Last

BY Kris BevillAbengoa CEO offers European view of programs READ MORE

A Better FFV?

BY Holly JessenSingle nozzle, dual fuel injection could work in heavy-duty trucks, too READ MORE

Making Progress

BY Kris BevillGreat River Energy advances hybrid corn-cellulosic project READ MORE

Surprising Discovery

BY Kris BevillResearchers stumble upon new ethanol application READ MORE

Got a Minute?

BY Kris BevillCampaign suggests targeting drivers in the one place all go—DMVs READ MORE

The Next Phase

BY Kris BevillProducers urged to prepare for Tailoring Rule READ MORE

Search for Sugars

BY Holly JessenScience fair project zeros in on aspen bark for ethanol production READ MORE

‘Biofuel Truth Express’

BY Holly JessenMobile education center hits road with positive message READ MORE

Blender Pump Carrot

BY Holly JessenIncentive programs spur growth in ethanol infrastructure READ MORE


Early Stage to Groundbreaking

BY Susanne Retka Schill

Life After VEETC

BY Ron V. Lamberty

A Bright Future for Ethanol

BY Robert Vierhout

Cash Forward Grain Contracts—Can I Get That in Writing?

BY Porter J. Martin and Leah H. Ziemba

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

BY Ethanol Producer Magazine Staff