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Outlook 2012

BY Kris Bevill and Holly Jessen Insights and perspectives from ethanol industry executives READ MORE

Outlook 2012: Fighting Vigorously to Defend the RFS

BY Holly JessenTodd Becker, president, CEO, Green Plains Renewable Energy READ MORE

Outlook 2012: Pleasant Surprises in 2011

BY Holly JessenWalt Wendland, president, CEO, Golden Grain Energy, Homeland Energy Solutions READ MORE

Outlook 2012: Patience is a Virtue

BY Kris BevillPeter Williams, CEO, Ineos Bio READ MORE

Outlook 2012: Big First Step

BY Kris BevillSue Ellerbusch, president, BP Biofuels North America READ MORE

Outlook 2012: Taking 2G Technology to Task

BY Kris BevillJason Matlof, partner, Battery Ventures READ MORE

Outlook 2012: VEETC is Old News

BY Holly JessenMatt Horton, CEO, Propel Fuels READ MORE

By Train, By Truck, or By Boat

BY Kris BevillHow ethanol moves and where it’s going READ MORE

Plan for the Worst

BY Kris BevillThe Tiskilwa ethanol tank car fire demonstrates the need for preparedness and cooperation between local fire crews and ethanol plants READ MORE


Mitigating Ethanol Market Risk by Monitoring Opportunities

BY John Harangody Brokers play an important role in effectively using swaps, other risk management tools READ MORE

Educating Drivers about FFVs and Renewable Fuels

BY Burl Haigwood Can your motor vehicle administration break the blend wall and help meet the RFS? READ MORE

Distilled - Ethanol News & Trends

No Surprises

BY Kris BevillExpert committee finds industry unlikely to meet 2022 cellulosic goal READ MORE

Sorghum Ethanol in Spotlight

BY Holly JessenUSDA announces funding for producers not using corn READ MORE

Brazil Looks to Sweet Sorghum

BY Holly JessenMonsanto providing seed for off-season ethanol feedstock READ MORE

Terminal Error

BY Kris BevillBlending mishap sends incorrect blends to Minnesota stations READ MORE

Fighting for the Farm Bill

BY Kris BevillRenewable groups take action to protect energy programs READ MORE

Turn Up the Heat

BY Kris BevillResearchers explore heat-resistant enzymes READ MORE

Ethanol Hits Red Carpet

BY Holly JessenDocumentary film premieres in DC READ MORE

China to the Rescue

BY Kris BevillU.S. project developers look to China for financial support READ MORE

Ethanol Less Volatile

BY Holly JessenIndyCar crash would have been more fiery with gasoline READ MORE

Divergent Feedstocks

BY Holly JessenOne pine tree as good as another? Guess again READ MORE


BY Kris BevillUSDA report confirms value of distillers grains READ MORE

Halting Harmful Invaders

BY Holly JessenResearch identifies acceptable biofuel feedstocks READ MORE

Energy Sorghum

BY Holly JessenResearchers develop high-biomass sorghum that bypasses flowering READ MORE


The Year Turns

BY Susanne Retka Schill

State of Play

BY Bob Dinneen

Implementing HACCP Systems

BY Andrew Anderson and Diana Palmer

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

BY Ethanol Producer Magazine Staff