Inside March 2012


Taking Fermentation to a New Level

BY Holly JessenTwo companies develop new technologies aimed at revolutionizing fermentation READ MORE

Target For Transformation

BY Kris BevillCan biobutanol provide ethanol producers new paths towards diversification? READ MORE

Thirsty for More

BY Kris BevillEthanol’s high octane rating may be the ticket for meeting escalating fuel efficiency standards in engines READ MORE

The Fan Connection

BY Holly JessenNASCAR looks back on a year of E15 as the 2012 season kicks off in February READ MORE

Training for Trains

BY Kris BevillA 130-ton tank car is a unique beast that demands its handlers have proper safety knowledge READ MORE


Total Cost Per Gallon: The True Measure of Success

BY Jason M. Blake Finding the sweet spot requires a holistic view of optimization READ MORE

Researchers Evaluate Agave’s Potential for Ethanol

BY Remigio Madrigal-Lugo and Alejandro Velázquez-Loera High-yielding varieties promise agave-based ethanol could surpass even sugarcane yields READ MORE

Supercritical Water Could Provide Greener Pathway to Corn Ethanol

BY G. Graham Allan, John R. Di Iorio and Milo U. Zorzino High temperatures yield remarkable changes in water’s chemical reactivity READ MORE

New Pathways Could Improve Ethanol Yields

BY Trent Nguyen, Ph.D. A close look reveals metabolic conversion of oil content into sugar is possible READ MORE

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Pain at the Pump

BY Kris BevillE85 prices fall victim to VEETC’s demise READ MORE

Up and Running

BY Kris BevillRetailers respond positively to SD blender pump incentive READ MORE

The Next Level

BY Kris BevillMarketing firms join to form next generation of ethanol marketing READ MORE

Back on the Horse

BY Holly JessenFailed Range Fuels plant under evaluation by new owner LanzaTech READ MORE

When the Chips are Gasified

BY Holly JessenDemonstration project produces green energy from yard waste READ MORE


New Technologies

BY Susanne Retka Schill

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

BY Ethanol Producer Magazine Staff