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Reining in Production - Hunkering Down as Margins, Supplies Rebalance

BY Holly JessenThe ethanol industry went from booming business to tight and even negative margins in the first quarter READ MORE

Steel in the Ground

BY Kris BevillThe largest cellulosic ethanol plants in the world are ready to prove their mettle READ MORE

Energy Beets: Who will Leap First?

BY Holly JessenNorth American sugar-to-ethanol strategy differs from Brazil’s, Europe’s READ MORE

Advancing Pathways for Advanced Feedstocks

BY Erin VoegeleEPA evaluates energy cane, giant reed and napiergrass READ MORE


EU Requires Sustainable Biofuels

BY Antje Grzesik How U.S. ethanol producers can become certified READ MORE

Iowa Partners to Develop Cellulosic Ethanol Projects

BY Bill Northey, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Incentives, research capabilities, workforce development among advantages Iowa offers READ MORE

Energy Management: Project or Process

BY Jaron Vande Hoef Commitment to continuous improvement helps small steps become 10-20 percent savings READ MORE

Distilled - Ethanol News & Trends

Capacity Creep

BY Holly JessenEPM map cites 6 percent capacity gain from spring 2011 READ MORE

E85 loyalty

BY Holly JessenEconomist finds buyers willing to pay more READ MORE

Researchers Delve into Enzyme Costs

BY Holly JessenIt is commonly assumed lower in literature READ MORE

Closing the Books on EPIC

BY Kris BevillNebraska producers receive final incentive payments READ MORE

Looking Down on the Future

BY Kris BevillResearchers employ satellites to analyze feedstock potential READ MORE


Beware of Dog

BY Ron Lamberty

Looking Beyond the Obvious

BY Robert Vierhout

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

BY Ethanol Producer Magazine Staff