Inside July 2012


Dropping Water Use

BY Holly JessenEthanol producers balance cost and conservation when reducing consumption READ MORE

Mycotoxins: A Pain in the Ear

BY Holly JessenWhether ethanol producers need to worry about toxic levels in distillers grains depends upon Mother Nature READ MORE

Octane: What's in Your Fuel?

BY Kris BevillMinimum octane rating decisions could greatly impact ethanol’s future market opportunities READ MORE

The Battle for the RFS

BY Kris BevillCellulosic biofuels, the blendwall, E15 and future fuel economy standards become weapons in the grudge match between Big Oil and ethanol READ MORE

Stepping Up to a New Facility

BY Luke GeiverNebraska town grows enzymes and community READ MORE


Sweet Sorghum, Other Sugar Crops Show Promise

BY Rafael A. Nieves Obstacles to scaling up production are surmountable READ MORE

Protecting Ethanol Plants from Catastrophic Combustible Dust Explosions

BY Doan Pendleton Industrial vacuums help prevent secondary explosions READ MORE

Stainless Steels: Cost-effective Materials

BY Kristina Osterman Different grades available for different applications READ MORE

Distilled - Ethanol News & Trends

Holding Strong

BY Holly JessenEthanol producers share strategies for success in FEW panel READ MORE

Brace for the Fight

BY Kris BevillDinneen tells ethanol industry to expect brutal RFS fight READ MORE

2012 FEW Awards

BY Holly JessenEthanol Answer Man, DDGS researcher honored READ MORE

Cellulosic Ethanol Here Today

BY Holly JessenProtecting the RFS is critically important READ MORE

Progress Updates

BY Kris BevillDevelopers report synergies, challenges READ MORE