Inside August 2012


How Cellulosic is Rising from Corn

BY Kris BevillInvesting in cellulosic production could improve profit margins at corn ethanol plants READ MORE

Testing for Traces

BY Holly JessenStudies examine antibiotics in DDGS, whether it contributes to antibiotic resistance in animals READ MORE

Bacterial Battle

BY Holly JessenAntibiotics are the most common tool against bacteria, but alternatives exist READ MORE


Growing Supply of Low-fat DDGS Impacts Market Dynamics

BY John Harangody Specifications shift as market adjusts, many questions arise about specific applications READ MORE

Multiple Coproducts Needed to Establish Cellulosic Ethanol Industry

BY Arthur Kollaras, Paul Koutouridis, Mary Biddy and James D. McMillan Feed yeast, green coal contribute to bottom line READ MORE