Inside September 2012


Optimal Yield: A Moving Target

BY Holly JessenA relentless focus on yield requires vigilance and nimble decision making. READ MORE

Stop Loss

BY Susanne Retka SchillNot all ethanol leaving the fermenters goes to the tank. READ MORE

Pinching Pennies

BY Kris BevillA new yeast product promises to save producers pennies per gallon when pennies count the most. READ MORE


Bacterial Inhibition Without Antibiotics

BY Sami Faour A method for controlling infection and maximizing ethanol yields READ MORE

Tapping into a Heat Recovery Opportunity to Reduce Energy Costs

BY Tom Tucker Customized design cost-effectively addresses fouling issues READ MORE


Greening the Fleets

BY Mike Bryan

The Fallible Pope

BY Ron Lamberty

JOBS Act Creates Opportunities

BY Gregory Lynch, Porter Martin and Jeff Barrett

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

BY Ethanol Producer Magazine Staff