Inside October 2012


RFS Under Scrutiny

BY Holly JessenWhat many are calling the worst drought in 50 years has magnified scrutiny of the renewable fuel standard (RFS). READ MORE

Q&A - Corn's Cruel Summer

BY Tim Portz Iowa State University’s resident grain quality expert Charlie Hurburgh looks at corn quality, corn genetics and the role ethanol will play in the future of corn through the lens of the most devastating drought in his memory. READ MORE

Boosting Corn's Drought Performance

BY Susanne Retka SchillA decade’s worth of work is tested this season. READ MORE

Yield Wild Card

BY Holly JessenHot, dry growing conditions could very well translate into lowered ethanol yield in the coming year. READ MORE


Satellite Technologies Aid Localized Planning

BY Steffen Mueller and Ken Copenhaver View your grain supply chain in higher definition READ MORE

Corn Farmers Respond to Ethanol Plant Siting

BY Yehushua S. Fatal Land use shifts seen in up to a 286-mile radius READ MORE