Inside November 2012


Going for the Fiber

BY Holly JessenQuad County Corn Processors is working toward production of both grain-based and cellulosic ethanol from the same feedstock. READ MORE

Corn Ethanol 1.5

BY Holly JessenThe idea of cellulosic ethanol from corn bran or fiber has been around for more than a decade with little progress. Is that about to change? READ MORE

Milestones Reached

BY Susanne Retka SchillCellulosic ethanol is arriving, with commissioning under way and more than 100 MMgy under construction. READ MORE

Up Front, Near the Action … Again

BY Tim Portz Sen. John “Jack” Kibbie, D-Iowa, always manages to find himself in the middle of everything, whether it’s working to bring cellulosic ethanol to his home county, commanding tanks in Korea or sharing a ballot with John F. Kennedy. READ MORE


Denmark Sets High Goals for Renewables

BY Roger Moore Six Danish technologies combine to shape proposed integrated cellulosic ethanol project READ MORE

Mixing Lignocellulosic Slurries Presents Challenges

BY Gregory T. Benz Reactor geometry, impeller design important to power optimization READ MORE

Ethanol Production from Paper Industry Sludge Examined

BY Ronalds Gonzalez Researchers develop promising business model READ MORE