Inside February 2013


Direct Connections

BY Holly JessenDeveloping a retail relationship with area fuel stations is a potential perk for ethanol plants, retailers and consumers. READ MORE

Optimistic Bearing

BY Susanne Retka SchillStaying bullish on ethanol even in the trough of negative margins. READ MORE

The First Lady of E15

BY Tim PortzKristy Moore recalls her beginnings in the ethanol industry, her fondness for American agriculture and the long road to bringing E15 to market. READ MORE

Choice at the Pump

BY Holly JessenE15 is currently cleared for sale in a handful of states, with work ongoing to bring it to the rest of the U.S. READ MORE


Are US, Brazil Ethanol Industries Ready to Dance?

BY Daniel Coelho Barbosa Making the case for the world’s ethanol powerhouses to work cooperatively READ MORE

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