Inside June 2013


Q&A: Practicing the Golden Rule

BY Tim PortzEmployees are the No.1 asset of Big River Resources LLC and Deb Green is tasked with seeing to it they are well-trained, safe and happy. READ MORE

2013 US Ethanol Industry Salary Survey

BY Holly JessenThe latest salary survey includes data on everything from total plant payroll, previous job experience of employees, the most important factors in job satisfaction and more. READ MORE

More Than Just Staff

BY Holly JessenAttracting and retaining a team of dedicated and motivated employees is integral to company success. READ MORE

Gen 1+1.5+2 Equals Process Progress

BY Susanne Retka SchillA closer look at cellulosic R&D by ICM Inc. READ MORE

Ethanol Industry Snapshot

BY Chris HansonThe results of a 2012 corn-ethanol survey reveal progress in yield, energy and water use. READ MORE


Lessons Learned From Past Downturns

BY Scott McDermott Protecting shareholder value during periods of margin stress. READ MORE

Instrumentation, Control Systems Contribute to Sustainability

BY Leigh Parnell Process controls underlie effective water, energy saving strategies in ethanol production. READ MORE

Absolute Energy Tackles Evaporator Fouling

BY Jerry Tegels and Kevin Mundell Proper treatment resolves multiple bottlenecks caused by mineral deposits. READ MORE


Has the supply boom come to an end?

BY Casey WhelanNatural Gas Report READ MORE