Inside August 2013


Getting It Done

BY Susanne Retka SchillThe drought forced the hand of Poet Biorefining-Macon’s board of directors, leading to the installation of long-planned upgrades during an extended shut down. READ MORE

Taking Inbicon to the Next Level

BY Holly JessenInbicon and DONG Energy A/S have been working hard, aiming to license its technology and get steel in the ground. READ MORE


New Tool Offers Insight into Dynamic Yeast Performance

BY Jason Van’t Hul and Phil Bureman Measuring yeast metabolic activity helps optimize plant performance READ MORE

Planning, Communication Underlie Successful Plant Trials

BY Tami Fraser How one ethanol producer is adopting new technology to weather adverse industry conditions. READ MORE


Ethanol prices under pressure

BY Rick KmentEthanol Report READ MORE

DDGS supply will follow corn price

BY Sean BroderickDDGS Report READ MORE

Reading the technical tea leaves

BY Casey WhelanNatural Gas Report READ MORE



BY Tom Bryan

Stop the Nonsense

BY Mike Bryan

Frack This

BY Bob Dinneen

Europe at the Crossroads

BY Robert Vierhout

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

BY Ethanol Producer Magazine Staff