Inside October 2013


Tides of Prosperity, Past and Present

BY Chris HansonStepping back to compare the agricultural boom of the 1970s to the current period brings new perspective to the discussions swirling around food, fuel and the environment. READ MORE

Corn Grower in Chief

BY Tim PortzRick Tolman examines stereotypes, praises NASCAR as industry spokespeople and pushes for a 300-bushel national yield average, as head of the National Corn Growers Association. READ MORE

Uneven Crop, Shifting Markets

BY Susanne Retka SchillConsidering the prospects for the corn and ethanol markets ahead. READ MORE

Field-Grown Enzymes

BY Holly JessenThe rollout of Syngenta’s Enogen corn benefits both farmers growing the hybrid grain and ethanol plants using it to produce biofuel. READ MORE


WEB ONLY: The Effect of Ethanol Plant Siting on Corn Basis

BY Yehushua S. Fatal Online exclusive contribution: Employing a spatial econometric model illustrates and quantifies the impact of an ethanol plant on the area corn market. READ MORE

WEB ONLY: Tank Cleaning with Rotary Impingement Technology

BY J.W. ResenhoeftOnline Exclusive Contribution: To understand the benefits of rotary impingement technology, it's important to explain what it is, and how it reduces tank downtime and eliminates contamination, as well providing significant water savings. READ MORE

Analyzing the Influence of Energy Policy

BY Jake FerrisFive years in, the impact of federal energy legislation on commodity and retail food prices is measured. READ MORE

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