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DDGS Needle Trends North

BY Susanne Retka SchillThe domestic market adjusts to lower oil levels, higher prices and protein demand as it anticipates lower fiber content ahead. Another unusual year is expected, with protein as the big story. READ MORE

Destination China

BY Chris HansonChina has quickly recovered its place as the top importer of U.S. distillers grains after dropping the dumping investigation in May 2012. Through July of this year, the country has imported 1.72 million metric tons of distillers grains. READ MORE

In Demand Around the Globe

BY Holly JessenAlthough China is the big story in distillers grains exports this year, many growing markets are helping support this crucial outlet for U.S. producers. Experts believe that 2013 could top 7.42 million metric tons, the amount exported last year. READ MORE


Efficiency Gains Possible Through Optimal Heat Transfer

BY Gerek FooteNew and innovative technologies can mean significant energy, labor and parts savings for ethanol facilities aiming for greater profitability. Heat exchanger maintenance is one area producers can work to be more cost efficient. READ MORE

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Winter natural gas prices likely to stay consistent

BY Ben StrausWinter strip pricing for natural gas has been remarkably consistent in recent years and that's expected to continue this calendar year. Some key drivers include weather outlook and inventory level. READ MORE

Positive corn, soybean yield reports add market pressure

BY Jason SagebielCorn prices are weakening and reports of a 14 billion bushel corn crop are circulating. This is increasing interest in distillers grains domestically and in the export markets. READ MORE

DDGS prices under high export demand, price appreciation

BY Sean BroderickThe export market for distillers grains continues to drive prices while also impacting demand domestically. Animal producers are dropping their usage rates or searching for a feed replacement, thanks to higher prices. READ MORE

Investment traders cautious about energy markets

BY Rick KmentThe partial government shutdown created uncertainty in the marketplace. Traders, who need volatility and price shits to maintain expected returns, reacted to the situation in different ways. READ MORE