Inside July 2016


New Levels in Upkeep Planning

BY Ann BaileyFacing 10-year checkups, ethanol facilities turn to service providers to help stay ahead of maintenance and compliance issues. READ MORE

New Solutions in Cleaning

BY Ann BaileyCompanies introduce new approaches to keeping ethanol facilities clean. READ MORE

Conserving Cooling Power

BY Holly JessenNeglecting cooling tower maintenance can curtail production, especially in the hot summer months. READ MORE

Sugar Plus CO2 Equals More Ethanol

BY Susanne Retka SchillA microorganism found capable of mixotrophic fermentation converts carbon from both sugar and gas into ethanol. READ MORE


Video Borescoping Technology Adds New Dimension to Scale Control

BY Andrew Ledlie High-definition images provide views of previously inaccessible areas. READ MORE

Simplifying Safety During Planned Shutdowns

BY Chris McKinnon Single source for safety-related products and services can reduce complexity and cost of planned STOs. READ MORE

New Acid Solution Improves CIP Programs

BY Brian Hoskins Removing scale with alternative chemistry offers multiple advantages. READ MORE

Preventing Production Problems in the Lab

BY Trish Meek Increasing biofuel demand will require next-generation laboratory software solutions. READ MORE