Inside September 2017


Optimized Upgrade

BY Lisa GibsonFROM THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE: The ethanol industry is evolving, equipment is aging and integrators are polishing their processes for complete distributed control system replacements. READ MORE

Turning the Screws on Drying

BY Susanne Retka SchillFROM THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE: Rayeman Elements has introduced extrusion technology as a radically different means of drying distillers grains. READ MORE

All Eyes on Energy

BY Keith Loria FROM THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE: With the 2014 Farm Bill set to expire in the midst of hesitancy in federal spending, ethanol producers and advocates contemplate the fate of their invaluable Energy Title. READ MORE

Variety in Value

BY Ann Bailey FROM THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE: Value-added components can be separated from the ethanol-production process at multiple stages. Technology developers continue to improve on their systems to expand markets and increase their customers’ revenues. READ MORE


Computerized Management System Simplifies Repairs

BY Heather Wilkerson FROM THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE: For most ethanol plants, a CMMS could be an easy, cost-effective solution to maintaining equipment, ensuring regulation compliance and repairing broken machinery. READ MORE