Inside October 2017


The ‘Cool’ Fuel

BY Ann Bailey FROM THE OCTOBER ISSUE: Multiple trade groups and ethanol companies offer internships, contests and events to get young people interested in biofuels. The next generation is drawn to ethanol's environmental and economic benefits. READ MORE

Engineering and Evolution in Biotechnology

BY Lisa Gibson FROM THE OCTOBER ISSUE: Advancements in yeast optimization are gaining momentum. New companies are entering the space and veterans are improving their processes. READ MORE

Innovation in the Lab

BY Susanne Retka Schill FROM THE OCTOBER ISSUE: Ethanol laboratories use HPLCs to find issues early in fermentation, but increasingly have been using the data for process optimization. READ MORE

Evaluating Funding Options

BY Keith Loria FROM THE OCTOBER ISSUE: Funding options are generally best-suited to specific types of projects. The money is out there –– producers just need to figure out which source is the right fit for them. READ MORE

It’s All in the Risk

BY Lisa Gibson FROM THE OCTOBER ISSUE: The ethanol industry has been conservative on risky investments since its most recent downturn, experts say. But innovating, expanding and diversifying are important and can be done prudently. READ MORE


Scaling Up Without Wall Street

BY Daniel de Liege FROM THE OCTOBER ISSUE: Alliance Bio-Products’ chairman provides a detailed account of hurdles cleared and decisions made in the development of the company’s cellulose-to-sugar process. READ MORE