Inside March 2018


Next-Level Nanoscience

BY Lisa GibsonFROM THE MARCH ISSUE: The accidental discovery that a carbon, nitrogen and copper-based catalyst can convert carbon dioxide to ethanol shows potential. READ MORE

Prevention-Control Partnership

BY Tim AlbrechtFROM THE MARCH ISSUE: A regimen of cleaning and antibiotics is vital for success in the fight against bacterial contamination. But the industry is evolving to include the use of more natural treatment options. READ MORE

Sticking To It

BY Lisa GibsonFROM THE MARCH ISSUE: The Food Safety and Modernization Act limits options for biofilm control, but chemical and service providers have overhauled their product lines and treatment avenues to comply. READ MORE

Step 1: Quality Cook

BY Susanne Retka SchillFROM THE MARCH ISSUE: Liquefaction should be the first focus area in yield improvement efforts. Understanding enzyme enhancements and proper indicators are key to evaluating a plant’s process. READ MORE


Breakdown of Benefits

BY Cody Jackson FROM THE MARCH ISSUE: Infrared thermography can save money, improve safety and prevent unexpected downtime. READ MORE


The Wisdom of Thumper

BY Ron Lamberty

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

BY Ethanol Producer Magazine