Inside 2018 June EPM


All Eyes On Ethanol

BY Tim AlbrechtFROM THE JUNE ISSUE: Brazil’s ethanol industry continues to grow with the help of renewable fuel goals and international partnerships. READ MORE

Settled In

BY Tim AlbrechtFROM THE JUNE ISSUE: Success and lack of turnover have created a shortage of open positions in the ethanol industry. READ MORE

Integrated Innovation

BY Susanne Retka SchillFROM THE JUNE ISSUE: Element LLC employs ICM’s new process technologies, coproduct systems and efficiency improvements in one state-of-the-art facility. Construction is underway. READ MORE

On The Front Lines

BY Erin VoegeleFROM THE JUNE ISSUE: The old battle between ethanol and oil takes center stage with the RFS. Ethanol Producer Magazine recaps the many recent attempts to hinder the policy, and looks beyond 2022. READ MORE

Down to the Details

BY Lisa GibsonFROM THE JUNE ISSUE: EcoEngineers’ Director of Engineering Jim Ramm details Kernel Fiber Now, a service that helps producers navigate their options with corn kernel fiber-to-ethanol technologies, RINs and more. READ MORE

Best in the Business

BY Lisa GibsonFROM THE JUNE ISSUE: This year, Ethanol Producer Magazine launched the Ethanol Producer Awards, naming winners based on open nominations in five categories. READ MORE


Well-Fed, Stress-Free Yeast Required

BY Jim Miers FROM THE JUNE ISSUE: The best way to minimize issues from stress or contamination and maximize yield is to cultivate healthy, actively growing yeast. READ MORE

Ethanol: The Renewable Naphtha

BY Luca Zullo FROM THE JUNE ISSUE: With existing capabilities, chemical coproducts represent a low-hanging fruit for the industry. Ethanol, in fact, is a better feedstock for some chemicals than oil-based sources. READ MORE