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Zero to 10 Million in 5 years

BY Susanne Retka SchillFROM THE JULY ISSUE: Slow to start and with fewer gallons than targeted through the Renewable Fuel Standard, cellulosic ethanol is showing signs of steady growth. READ MORE

Sweet-Spot Search

BY Tim AlbrechtFROM THE JULY ISSUE: Cellulose molecules are more complex than starch molecules, so employing the proper enzymes in cellulosic ethanol production is vital. Optimization research is ongoing. READ MORE

A Shift in Power

BY Susanne Retka SchillFROM THE JULY ISSUE: Energy recycling technologies and changing market dynamics provide new options for electricity production, and revive opportunities for old ones. READ MORE

Proof of Improvement

BY Tim AlbrechtFROM THE JULY ISSUE: The energy efficiency push has achieved industry-wide results that experts hope can change outdated government and consumer perceptions of ethanol’s benefits. READ MORE

Gallons Gained

BY Lisa GibsonFROM THE JULY ISSUE: Energy efficiency projects in distillation, dryers and centrifuges are reducing expenses and natural gas usage, but also boosting plants’ capacities. READ MORE


Transparency, Credibility and Profitability

BY K·Coe Isom FROM THE JULY ISSUE: Sustainability reporting helps boost plant efficiency, and affects top and bottom lines. READ MORE

CMMS for Business Intelligence

BY Heather Wilkerson FROM THE JULY ISSUE: Analyzing data from computerized maintenance management systems can boost operational efficiency and streamline HR, equipment monitoring, inventory and more. READ MORE


Octane Overconfidence

BY Ron Lamberty

Summer Driving Season

BY Emily Skor

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

BY Ethanol Producer Magazine