Inside July 2020


Masters of the Market

BY Lisa GibsonHigh-protein technologies are transforming the ethanol industry’s feed coproduct stream. Success will require more involvement in markets and closer relationships with end users. For those willing to put the time in, the payback could be significant. READ MORE

Getting Careers Flowing

BY Tom BryanJust north of the famed dells of the Wisconsin River, Marquis Energy, in Necedah, Wisconsin, is earning a reputation as a career-building employer with a focus on safety, employee health and opportunities for professional growth and advancement. READ MORE

Planting with Purpose

BY Tom BryanA five-acre parcel of underutilized farmland across the highway from Trenton Agri Products will soon become a model pollinator habitat in Nebraska. The project is a result of an idea planted with Renewable Fuels Association board members last year. READ MORE

Ethanol’s Dynamic Duo

BY Tom BryanA year after bringing their showcase plant online, the partnership between ICM Inc. and The Andersons remains poised to bear fruit. Element LLC features selective milling and fiber separation alongside a unique corn fiber-to-ethanol platform. READ MORE

Ethanol Advocate, Presidential Host

BY Tom BryanSouthwest Iowa Renewable Energy has had a marathon year, accommodating a presidential visit, managing change and showing poise in the face of a national crisis. A year after Trump's historic drop in, the plant keeps rising to new challenges. READ MORE

Taking Corn Fiber to the Max

BY Tom BryanIn Stanley, Wisconsin, Ace Ethanol LLC is becoming a pacesetter in the corn fiber-to-ethanol race after installing D3MAX technology, which gives the plant a strong advantage, both with cellulosic RINs and, potentially, the low-carbon fuels market. READ MORE

Risk Reoriented

BY Luke GeiverAs the ethanol industry seeks normalcy after the shock wave of COVID-19, new notions about capital investment and risk are surfacing. Experts say what was historically a mediocre margin may be considered a good margin moving forward. READ MORE

Quality Unconcern

BY Susanne Retka Schill Ethanol producers have sustained adequate production yields in 2020, despite low-quality corn from last year’s harvest. While experts aren't sure why problems haven't arisen, improved enzymes and yeasts have probably helped plants stay 'dialed in.' READ MORE

Doubling for Diesel

BY Matt ThompsonA novel engine technology could make it possible for ethanol to be used in compression-ignition engines, opening up a potential multi-billion-gallon market. With $3 million in financing secured, Clear Flame Engines is poised for commercialization. READ MORE


Tried and True, But New

BY Kyle FlynnElectrostatics, used for decades in other industries, show promise in high-protein feed production at ethanol plants. The technology could be useful at a time when the industry faces unprecedented challenges and needs new sources of revenue. READ MORE


Business Briefs

BY Ethanol Producer Magazine News from the July issue of Ethanol Producer Magazine, including DuPont's new enzyme blend, the deferment of the 2020 Export Exchange, sequestration funding, monarch habitat, and Aemetis' and Pacific Ethanol's high-grade alcohol strategies. READ MORE


Piping Pros, Shutdown Specialists

BY Matt ThompsonLast year, Midwest Ironworks completed the largest job in its history, and the scale of the achievement has inspired its founder to keep thinking big. Despite an industrial piping background, the company has developed superb shutdown services. READ MORE

Sukup: Steel, Bolts and Relentless Innovation

BY Matt ThompsonFor the largest family-owned and operated grain bin manufacturer in the world, success is measured through customer and dealer satisfaction. That responsiveness, coupled with ingenuity, has earned the company a reputation for innovation and safety. READ MORE