Inside March 2021


Ensuring CIP's Compatibility with Coproducts

BY Matt Thompson New rollouts in clean-in-place processes are easing burdens on ethanol plants, but proper care to analyze the downstream impacts of these practices are crucial. Producers should be particularly mindful of protecting the integrity of their coproducts. READ MORE

Shifting Shutdowns

BY Lisa GibsonThe pandemic affected many aspects of ethanol production, including shutdown schedules. Now, 2020's staggered timelines for seasonal cleaning, inspection and repair might stay in place as producers consider the benefits of doing things differently. READ MORE


Advancements in Ethanol Plant CIP Technology

BY David Fowlie Optimizing CIP systems with improved dosing technology and data analysis can enhance the impact cleaning strategies have on facility performance, operational efficiency and, ultimately, plant profitability. READ MORE

Landfill Gas to Ethanol

BY Gary C. Young Mixed with steam, run through a reformer and fermented, landfill gas proves an economic and environmentally beneficial feedstock for ethanol production. And each LFG project is a source of green energy that can last for more than two decades. READ MORE

Seeing Underground with Hydro Excavation

BY Tom BryanNational Hydro-Excavation Services specializes in locating and exposing utilities in advance of construction projects and emergency repair. The Omaha-based company can also handle line-jetting, tank cleaning, spill remediation and more. READ MORE