Inside June 2003


How is Consolidation Shaping the Industry?

BY Tom BryanStrategic alliances seem to be prevailing in every facet of ethanol production and marketing. Who does it benefit? What might it threaten? READ MORE

Power of Perseverance The Success Story of Utica Energy, LLC

BY Tom BryanThe once besieged ethanol project in Wisconsin overcame opposition, won over a community and stuck to the vision of its leaders. Today, the 20-mmgy plant has found a home - and a new identity - in the township of Utica. READ MORE

Energy Factor: Natural Gas & Electricity Considerations for Startups

BY Tom BryanEnergy management firms often help ethanol producers control natural gas and electric costs by handling energy negotiations before site selection. Each ethanol plant has unique physical and financial energy needs that are typically managed on an ongoing - often permanent - basis. Is your project handling energy negotiations properly? READ MORE

The Center of Everything Ethanol

BY Tom BryanSioux Falls, South Dakota, is offering an ideal venue for the 2003 Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Trade Show. Take a closer look at the state's dynamic ethanol production success. READ MORE

Active Dry, High-Alcohol Yeasts: The New Yeasts on the Block

A discussion with W. M. (Mike) Ingledew and Eleonora Bellissimi, University of Saskatchewan, Department of Applied Microbiology and Food Science. READ MORE

Will flame arrestors get e-diesel out of the hot seat?

BY Tom BryanResearchers find that simple metal devices, placed in the fill neck of an e-diesel vehicle tank, can effectively prevent ignition of the fuel caused by a spark or flame near the mouth of the fill neck. Is it enough for OEM approval? READ MORE

The Cost of Bad Water

BY Mike LoCascio U.S. Water Services/Utility Chemical

From the Get Go in Iowa

BY Tom BryanNorton has been promoting value-added agriculture and renewable fuels for nearly 25 years. READ MORE

Distilled - Ethanol News & Trends

High Plains Officially Becomes Abengoa Bioenergy

The name change is a 'natural extension of the internationally recognized Abengoa corporate name, known for excellence, innovation and flexibility.' READ MORE

Central Texas Ethanol Project Moves Forward with Feasibility Study

After months of reviewing applicants from around the nation, Colorado-based BBI International is chosen. READ MORE

Central Illinois Project Moves Forward, Site Being Prepared

The 30-mmgy plant is expected to break ground soon and be completed by 2004. READ MORE

Williams Completes Three Transactions: Receives Cash Proceeds of $575 Million in May

The company has announced that its ethanol interests are ‘closed.' READ MORE

Sioux River Ethanol, LLC Breaks Ground

South Dakota has nine ethanol plants and two under construction. READ MORE

Southern States Pass Ethanol Legislation

Feasibility studies for ethanol production are underway in both Oklahoma and Texas. READ MORE



A View form the Hill

BY Bob Dinneen

The Way I See IT

BY Mike Bryan