Inside February 2006


Advice from the Wise

BY Dave NillesThe ethanol business can be tricky at times. With more plants crowding into the mix, each one needs to be running at its peak. EPM takes a look at what some industry leaders feel are important factors to consider when putting together a project. READ MORE

State Policy Roll Call

BY Ron KotrbaWith a federal renewable fuels standard now signed into U.S. law, state legislative actions represent practical mechanisms by which the ethanol industry can secure its next big growth spurt. READ MORE

Priorities on the Hill - RFS Implementation and Beyond

BY Jessica SobolikThe Energy Policy Act of 2005, including the renewable fuels standard, was a four-year battle fought in no small part by U.S. trade associations and advocacy groups representing ethanol and agriculture. Now that the legislation has enacted a 7.5 billion-gallon renewable fuels mandate, EPM explores the new goals and challenges that face the industry. READ MORE

The Project of a Lifetime

BY Ron KotrbaAfter a half century in ethanol, Raphael Katzen—one of the industry's greatest minds—still strongly believes in Project 20, a plan to produce and use 20 billion gallons of cellulosic ethanol by 2020. Now, more than ever, his vision looks attainable. READ MORE

Cause AND Effect: The Impact of the RFS

BY Kory WallenThe U.S. ethanol industry is now working on ways to implement the renewable fuels standard's numerous mandates and regulations. Meanwhile, some experts are looking at possible long-term effects—both direct and peripheral—that the policy may have on the U.S. grain prices, land availability and the animal feed ingredient markets. READ MORE

Outbacking Ethanol

BY Kory WallenIn Australia, ethanol production has been around since the late 1920s. All gasoline sold in Queensland contained 10 percent ethanol from 1929 to 1959. Now, more than four decades after the renewable fuel exited the scene Down Under, there's growing public support to bring it back. READ MORE

Right Place, Right Time

BY Tom BryanThe biofuels industry in Canada is miniscule in comparison to the United States, but the enthusiasm, resolve and ingenuity exhibited by those attending the 2005 Canadian Renewable Fuels Summit was anything but paltry. It's clear that a sustainable ethanol industry is emerging there, and despite the doubts of naysayers, it looks like wheat will be the nation's cornerstone feedstock. READ MORE

Hopping Right Into Ethanol

BY Tom BryanFor some ethanol plants, controlling gram-positive bacteria is a continuous battle. With resistance to antibiotics on the rise—and distillers wet grains being produced in greater quantities than ever—producers are turning to alternative anti-contamination agents like IsoStab, a natural hops-based product that thwarts germs and allows yeast to dominate. READ MORE


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