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Europe's Bold New Strategy

BY Holly Jessen and Anduin Kirkbride McElroyIn the face of rising oil prices and growingly volatile trade relations with developing nations, the European Union has established a new set of priorities to bolster its economy, secure its future fuel supplies, support agriculture and curb climate change. Despite Europe's predisposition toward diesel power, experts say its fledgling ethanol industry is poised for sheer growth—and a fresh EU Biofuels Strategy supports that notion. READ MORE

Ethanol Has Arrived

BY Jessica Williams and Tom BryanThe 2006 National Ethanol Conference: Policy & Marketing, the ethanol industry's premier winter event, was sold out and buzzing with energy this year as the industry's extraordinary expansion seems to intensify by the day. The Renewable Fuels Association's 11th annual conference marked not only the celebration landmark policy achievements in 2005, but the trade group's own 25-year anniversary. READ MORE

Holding Its Lead

BY Ron Kotrba and Tom BryanADM's presence in the marketplace is undeniably commanding, yet its capacity to produce ethanol today represents just a quarter of the burgeoning U.S. market. Still, the corporation's mission to "unlock the potential of nature" and "improve the quality of life" is consistent with the aspirations of American farmers and entrepreneurs driving the expansion of today's ethanol industry. For that reason alone, expect ADM—a century-old innovator with a long-term approach to business—to keep pace with the industry it established. READ MORE

Ownership at a Crossroads

BY Nicholas ZemanIs the U.S. ethanol industry's connection to value-added agriculture—and the predominantly rural Corn Belt communities that support and benefit from production—diminishing? Or, as non-farm interests take hold of a greater fraction of the nation's ethanol market, are investment opportunities for farmer cooperatives and independent growers simply changing with the times? READ MORE


New Issues Arise as the Size of Ethanol Plants Increase

BY Todd Alexander and Marissa Leigh Alcala

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