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International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo 2006

BY Holly JessenNow in its 22nd year, the International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo keeps getting bigger and better with time. On June 20-23, the BBI International-organized event will do its part in "Linking Industry & Innovation" with everything from the basics to the most cutting-edge technologies. READ MORE

Coal: A Fuel that Pays its Way

BY Anduin Kirkbride McElroyEthanol production technology is continually changing—and so is the way dry-mill ethanol plants create and utilize process heat and steam. In an industry constantly seeking ways to cut costs, increase efficiencies and lock into more secure inputs, coal has become a growingly attractive option. Despite increased permitting challenges, additional transportation requisites and higher up-front expenses, more producers are turning to America's most abundant fossil fuel. READ MORE

Process Heat and Steam Alternatives Rising

BY Dave Nilles - Information compiled by BBI StaffIn a non-scientific survey of U.S. ethanol plants, EPM essentially reaffirmed what most industry professionals already knew about ethanol plant power sources. The U.S. ethanol industry is still heavily reliant on natural gas, but perhaps on the precipice of kicking the habit … even if coal is one of the remedies. READ MORE

Pioneers Recognized, Settlers Wanted

BY Ron KotrbaGasifying biomass materials is an increasingly popular way—conceptually and practically—for ethanol producers to hedge the high cost of natural gas, but it also offers the industry a potential bridge to cellulosic ethanol production and much more. READ MORE

The Red-Hot Sands of Winnebago

BY Ron KotrbaFor a year now, Corn Plus has been successfully combusting its solubles—the syrup normally added to distillers dried grains—in a fluidized bed system. EPM takes a look at the technology behind the power, and the innovative southern Minnesota ethanol plant taking advantage of this widely available energy feedstock. READ MORE

Easy to Digest

BY Dave NillesEnergy independence and sustainability are the guiding principles of the EnviroPlus process. Two British Columbia-based innovators are using that credo to introduce a revolutionary and wide-ranging anaerobic digestion process to the fuel ethanol industry. READ MORE

Will Denver Use it or Lose it?

BY Nicholas ZemanMetro Denver was the first area in the United States to require the use of oxygenated gasoline, when, in 1988, it mandated wintertime use of E10 to control carbon dioxide emissions. Ironically, as the area wins its longtime battle over air quality, the fate of ethanol-blended gasoline is uncertain in the Mile High City. Proposed legislation requiring 70 percent of Colorado's gasoline to be E10 six months out of the year could be the answer ethanol advocates are looking for. READ MORE


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