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A Return to Rationalism?

BY Ron KotrbaThe investment surge that infiltrated the ethanol industry 18 months ago brought with it an expanded repertoire of chic finance options. As the smoke from that intense period clears, however, it's evident that Midwest farm banks didn't forfeit their power position in U.S. ethanol plant finance. READ MORE

Pricey Plants Pressure Development

BY Jerry W. KramEthanol plant project development is an increasingly complicated process as the price of everything from concrete to heat exchangers has skyrocketed. That inflation is eating into builder profits, and it has some potential ethanol producers taking a hard look at their project's bottom line. READ MORE

Keys to Successful Equity Drives

BY Nicholas ZemanEthanol plant developers should be able to find ample equity for sound, well-managed projects. Nevertheless, the structures upon which to build equity are still being tweaked. READ MORE

A World of Opportunity

BY Bryan SimsU.S. ethanol companies clearly have their work cut out for them in the United States. That's not keeping some from setting their sights abroad. EPM talks to some ethanol industry experts about what it takes to expand into foreign countries. READ MORE

Risk & Reward

BY Michael ShirekTechnological breakthroughs have led to big efficiency gains in the ethanol industry, but the perceived failure rate of novel processes is a financial risk few lenders are willing to accept without supplementary backing or enticing variables. READ MORE

Pressure Point

BY Craig A. JohnsonWill the rising demand for corn drive prices high enough to limit ethanol production? Will crude oil remain in the $50 to $60 per barrel range—or will it go even lower? Will ethanol prices inevitably dip to historical lows as the industry build-out continues? The answers to these critical questions are expected to shape the U.S. ethanol industry's near-term growth. READ MORE

Navigating the Permitting Obstacle Course

BY Anduin Kirkbride McElroyObtaining the permits necessary to build an ethanol plant may require the equivalent of jumping through hoops, climbing over walls and walking balance beams. For developers, sufficient preparation and the right "trainer" can mean the difference between a run-around and a run-through. READ MORE

Leeway Through Legislation

BY Lindsey IrwinThere's a new Congress in town and power has shifted from the Republicans to the Democrats. Although no bills have passed yet, it seems ethanol will continue to enjoy lavish attention from both sides of the political aisle and the White House. READ MORE


Survey Says: U.S. Drivers Want More Ethanol

BY Amy George and Mike Bounama

2006 Review and 2007 Outlook: Equity and Debt Capital Markets Activity

BY Thomas Halverson, Christopher Flannery and Eric Pe

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