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Sermon from the Desert

BY Nicholas ZemanReferred to as the "reverend of renewable fuels," Bob Dinneen called on industry leaders to meet resistance and stand for change during his State of the Industry address at the Renewable Fuels Association's National Ethanol Conference in Tucson, Ariz. READ MORE

The Future of Corn Production

BY Anduin Kirkbride McElroyHigh corn prices combined with a still rapidly growing ethanol industry has caused many to wonder if there will be enough corn to supply the food, feed, export and fuel markets. Corn experts told attendees at the 2007 National Ethanol Conference not to worry. READ MORE

Into the Sunrise

BY Ron KotrbaPresentations rang loudly with words of opportunities and caution in Tucson, Ariz., during the National Ethanol Conference, where concerns about the responsible development of the cellulosic ethanol industry kept overexcitement in check. READ MORE

Dynamic Duo

BY Craig A. JohnsonA pair of Archer Daniels Midland Co. graduates are building a new ethanol production model with an emphasis on logistics and management. In a swiftly crowding field of players, what makes their plan better than the rest? READ MORE

Proposed Ethanol Plant List: 2007

This year, EPM offers a snapshot of where the ethanol industry may be headed. Although there is talk of the grain-based ethanol industry slowing in the near future—especially as the cellulosic ethanol industry gets rolling—this list shows there is still plenty of growth underway for both groups of feedstocks. By Lindsey Irwin, Craig A. Johnson, Jerry W. Kram, Susanne Retka Schill, Michael Shirek, Bryan Sims, Jan Tellmann and Jessica Sobolik READ MORE


Online Fermentation Analyzer Optimizes Production

BY George E. Barringer and Brian O'Flaherty

Producing Ethanol for Low-Carbon Fuel Markets

BY Richard Plevin and Steffen Mueller

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