Inside June 2007


Alignment of Interests

BY Bryan SimsThe goal behind the United States-Brazil renewable energy accord is to establish renewable fuels as an internationally traded commodity with the intent to expand biofuels use in the Western Hemisphere. Will this alignment of interests harmonize global commerce within the biofuels sector, or will it pose as a catalyst for political positioning? READ MORE

The Dark Alternative

BY Ron KotrbaSome experts fear that the proliferation of coal-to-liquid fuels threatens to debase whatever carbon benefits renewable ethanol carries. Others think it might squeeze out the corn players altogether. READ MORE

A Noteworthy Yeast

BY Susanne Retka SchillMicrobiologist Thomas Jeffries has spent a quarter of a century poking and prodding a yeast called Pichia stipitis to enhance its cellulose fermenting prowess. The yeast made science headlines when its genome sequence revealed the secrets of its ethanol-producing process. READ MORE

Super-Scale Visualization

BY Nicholas ZemanEthanol production is now important enough to conscript the services of the world's fastest supercomputers. These machines at the San Diego Supercomputer Center and Oak Ridge National Laboratory are allowing the interaction between cellulases and cellulose to be seen with the power of a trillion minds. READ MORE

Bullish on Biofuels

BY Jerry W. KramEthanol and biofuels in general have come under criticism from many sides lately, but when industry leaders gathered in Florida for the fourth annual World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing, the focus was on how the industry could transform the world. READ MORE

Financing Solutions

BY Craig A. JohnsonBlazing trails in a fast-moving industry is a daunting task for even the most robust ethanol producers. First National Investment Banking helps producers position their companies to take advantage of changes in the ethanol industry, which some believe could be headed for a wave of consolidations. READ MORE

Cellulosic Wave Set In Motion

BY Lindsey IrwinTo help meet the objectives outlined in President George W. Bush's "Twenty in Ten" initiative the U.S. DOE awarded grants to six companies to commercially develop their cellulosic ethanol technologies. EPM outlines each of the selected companies and their plans for the second-generation ethanol future. READ MORE

Getting Schooled

BY Lindsey IrwinResponding to the high demand for qualified ethanol plant operators, the National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville offers a consolidated training program that provides participants with an overview of the entire ethanol production process in five days. The program has received excellent reviews and increased interest. READ MORE

A Poetic Journey

BY Anduin Kirkbride McElroyThe story of Poet, an ethanol industry powerhouse formerly known as Broin Companies, is much like the story of the ethanol industry. It began on a family farm and grew into a diversified corporation. Now, with a new name and ownership reorganization, it begins a new chapter in biorefining. READ MORE


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