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A Billion-Ton Forecast

BY Bryan SimsThe "Billion Ton" biomass assessment conducted in 2005 was instrumental in accelerating the president's renewable fuels policies and ultimately spurring biomass research efforts, such as the U.S. DOE's "30x'30" initiative. With solid government backing, the report remains an integral reference point for policy-makers and industry leaders to base sound business decisions. READ MORE

Making Water Work

BY Michael ShirekIt may be a dry-grind process, but ethanol production requires water. U.S. Water Services works to ensure the growing industry isn't left high and dry. READ MORE

Converting Food & Beverage Waste To Fuel

BY Bryan SimsWell before corn became the preferred feedstock for making fuel ethanol, food and beverage manufacturers were producing the renewable fuel from plant waste. EPM talks to industry pioneers about the economics of converting those production left-overs. READ MORE

Capturing Carbon Opportunities

BY Anduin Kirkbride McElroyIt is likely that a cap-and-trade program to regulate carbon emissions will be instituted on a federal level within the United States in the near future. Such a system may make carbon the next big value proposition for the ethanol industry. READ MORE

Shrinking Ethanol's Carbon Footprint

BY Jerry W. KramUsing biomass for heat has long intrigued ethanol producers, who like the idea of getting away from using fossil fuels entirely. In response to wildly fluctuating natural gas prices, more producers are considering wood chips, stover, manure and even stillage syrup as economical fuel sources for process heat. Making ethanol even more beneficial to the environment is just the icing on the cake. READ MORE

Barriers To Building

BY Nicholas ZemanAs the EPM staff writers compiled last month's Proposed Ethanol Plant List 2007, it became clear that there was an interesting story behind the plants that didn't make the list—the projects that "weren't going forward" or had been cancelled for various reasons. Here's a look at some of the factors making it harder for start-ups. READ MORE

Concentrating on Consumption

BY Lindsey IrwinConcerns are mounting that E85 vehicle production and infrastructure growth aren't expanding quickly enough to keep up with the growing U.S. ethanol supply. E10 is already blended in more than half of all U.S. gasoline, which has caused some in the industry to wonder if that we're moving towards an E10 wall, and if E20 could help scale that obstacle. READ MORE

Power Pairings

BY Susanne Retka SchillPower plants use high-pressure, high-temperature steam to spin the turbines that generate electricity, yet two-thirds of the total energy combusted in the process is wasted. Ethanol plants use steam energy to power evaporators, distillers and dryers. To take advantage of those synergies, some have found it beneficial to collocate ethanol plants and power plants. READ MORE

Cow Power

BY Craig A. JohnsonThe cows inhabiting the Mead Cattle Co.'s feedlot earn their keep by supplying a valuable resource besides beef—manure. E3 Biofuels LLC uses what would otherwise be spread on farmers' fields and turns it into a power source for an on-site ethanol plant. READ MORE

Laying the Groundwork

BY Susanne Retka SchillSupplying feedstocks for a cellulosic ethanol production facility will require long-term commitments from hundreds of growers. As efforts to commercialize the process are refined an outline of a biomass agricultural system is beginning to take shape. READ MORE

Dryer Innovations

BY Ron KotrbaDryer manufacturers serving U.S. ethanol producers talk to EPM about changes in their technologies over the years and advances yet to come. READ MORE

Redefining Emissions

BY Jessica EbertThe U.S. EPA ruling that would allow ethanol plants to emit up to 250 tons per year while staying "minor" emitters may sound like honeyed tones to those wishing to ramp up production but implementation may not be so sweet. Some states will have to initiate a legislative process to amend current laws to reflect the change. In addition, clean air advocates may inspire litigation potentially forcing the ruling to fall flat. READ MORE


How to Create the Calm Before (and After) the Storm

BY John N. Ellison and Pamela D. Hans

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UN study examines bioenergy

BY Anduin Kirkbride McElroy