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New and Improved

BY Jessica EbertThe seemingly unfaltering growth of the ethanol industry—characterized by the ramping up of plant capacities and the construction of new facilities—brings a corresponding increase in the need for energy and water. Speakers at this year's FEW made it clear that technologies are available to meet these challenges by improving process efficiency and reducing energy costs. READ MORE

The Spirit of St. Louis

BY Michael ShirekTwenty-three years ago, three dozen ethanol industry pioneers met in St. Louis to trade ideas and discuss the future. In June, more than 5,000 joined the discussion at the 23rd annual International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo in the city where it all began. READ MORE

A Robotic Helping Hand

BY Anduin Kirkbride McElroyCellulosic ethanol has a new, high-tech tool on its side in the form of a fully automated genetic engineering robot. READ MORE

Prime Time for Alternative Energy Policy

BY Dave NillesOn the cusp of a renewable energy future, the American Council on Renewable Energy is attempting to reach every policy-maker in Washington, D.C. The end result could be a more energy diverse and efficient nation. READ MORE

BioTown, USA: Hometown Security

BY Anduin Kirkbride McElroyEthanol plants usually bring jobs and rural development to a community, but in Reynolds, Ind., local energy independence is the goal. Ethanol production will be just one part of a communitywide biomass utilization system better known as BioTown, USA. READ MORE

Feeling the Heat: Firefighters Face Ethanol Boom

BY Jerry W. KramThe ethanol boom has led to many changes in towns and cities across the Midwest. More jobs and economic growth are welcome, but the billions of gallons of fuel being produced also mean a greater possibility for incidents at plants or while shipping ethanol to urban markets. Both emergency responders and the industry need to take steps to be prepared. READ MORE

Maximizing Corn's Ethanol Yield

BY Dave NillesIndustry experts continue to develop innovative techniques for improving ethanol production. From field to fuel tank, the industry is devising new ways to analyze performance and improve yields. READ MORE

Developing a Biofuels Rating System

BY Susanne Retka SchillProducing four-star biofuels may give producers a leg up when the United States develops a carbon cap-and-trade system. Methods to quantify greenhouse gas emissions and rate biofuels are being proposed and tested in an attempt to incorporate the multiple facets of cropping systems, conversion processes and industry and consumer needs. READ MORE

Fuel School

BY Bryan SimsJudging by the crowd at the FEW's annual Ethanol 101 workshop, there are still plenty of people interested in producing ethanol. READ MORE

Web Exclusive: To Market, to Market

BY Craig A. JohnsonTransportation, whether it involves moving corn, distillers grains or ethanol, can be a daunting task for ethanol producers. At the FEW, several sessions focused on managing logistics through the comprehension of fundamentals in the rail and feedstock arenas. READ MORE

The Weather Man

BY Tom BryanAt the 19th Annual Energy Conference, Iowa State University climatologist Elwynn Taylor shared his near-term forecast, along with his broader views on greenhouse gases, global warming and the very real possibility of a future chock-full of erratic weather. READ MORE

In the News

BY Rona JohnsonWhite Energy Holding Co. LLC made the Holland evening news this spring after a television news crew toured its Russell, Kan., ethanol facility and interviewed company executives and plant staff. The purpose of the visit was to educate viewers in Holland about the renewable fuel and to give them a sense of the depth and breadth of the U.S. ethanol industry. READ MORE

The Rumplestiltskin of Rice Straw

BY Ron KotrbaGiven the engineering green light, Colusa Biomass Energy Corp. readies to break ground on its first commercial rice-straw refinery in California. Executives of the publicly traded startup tell Ethanol Producer Magazine of their incredible long-term vision and the steps needed to see it through. READ MORE

At the Corner of Jackson & LaSalle

BY Nicholas ZemanAfter two years of offering services and products for ethanol, the Chicago Board of Trade is helping stabilize the industry and hosting producers as they conduct risk management operations, including long-term sales negotiations and grain procurement. EPM visited the commodities market to the world in May to observe the operation. READ MORE


Prospects for the Philippines' Fuel Ethanol Industry

BY Ari Luis Halos, Marriz Manuel B. Agbon and Tamara

Assessing the Benefits of Fan Repair and Replacement

BY Thomas J. Kuli and Tim RapeAssessing the Benefits of Fan Repair and Replacement READ MORE

Distilled - Ethanol News & Trends

OPIS hosts E85 conversion clinic

BY Susanne Retka Schill

Air Liquide purchases Lurgi

BY Jessica Sobolik