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Cross-Section of a Tested Industry

BY Jerry W. Kram and Ron KotrbaEPM spoke with a sampling of U.S. ethanol producers to garner information on how economic adversity—higher corn and low ethanol prices—may have impacted business-as-usual at their plants over the past year. Trade secrets are tough to get out of companies though, and understandably so. After all, who wants to tell the competition the secrets to their success? READ MORE

Strong Corn Prices Persist in '07

BY Susanne Retka SchillIn 2007, corn growers proved they could keep up with a growing demand for their crop. The question now is will they step up to the plate again in 2008 or take advantage of higher wheat and soybean prices. READ MORE

The Truth About Imports

BY Nicholas ZemanIt may seem counterproductive for companies to import ethanol when the United States seemingly has an oversupply and the price is right. The relationship between ethanol producers and oil refiners can all be understood with greater insight when seen through the lens of fuel importers. READ MORE

Competing in a Climate-Driven Economy

BY Anduin Kirkbride McElroyAs the world moves toward a more climate-conscious society where carbon is rationed and traded, the ethanol industry must adapt or fall behind. READ MORE

Clearly Canadian

BY Khalila SawyerHusky Energy Ltd.'s roots are in Cody, Wyo., yet there is something distinctly Canadian about it––maybe because it was started by a Canadian. In 1938, rancher Glenn Neilson from Cardston, Alberta, convinced a farm supply cooperative and a Montana contractor to join him in purchasing two heavy oil refineries. That was only the beginning of a series of business moves that eventually made Husky one of Canada's largest energy companies. READ MORE

2007: A Banner Year for Biofuels Funding

BY Jessica EbertAdministrative priorities, congressional legislation and internal priorities of individual agencies continue to escalate government funding for biofuels research and development. One agency in particular, the U.S. DOE, helped make this a banner year for monetary support to advance the biofuels industry, especially the cellulosic ethanol industry. READ MORE

Elusive Equity

BY Bryan SimsTight margins for ethanol producers in the latter half of 2007 forced project developers to take a more calculated approach to raising money. EPM talks with financial analysts to discover what trends can be expected heading into 2008. READ MORE

Ethanol Experiences Growing Pains

BY Michael ShirekIn 2007, market forces squeezed ethanol profit margins. Production records were set month after month without a similar spike in demand resulting in low prices. How far did ethanol prices fall, where will prices go in 2008 and what does that mean for the profitability of ethanol production? READ MORE

Construction Pace Slows

BY Craig A. JohnsonIn December 2006, EPM reported 64 plants under construction representing 4.2 billion gallons of capacity. In June 2007, new construction peaked at 5.94 billion gallons and started to fall. New plants and expansions are still expected to be built in 2008 but at a more manageable pace. READ MORE

Is Consolidation Inevitable?

BY Nicholas ZemanRecent mergers and acquisitions activity in the ethanol industry have some wondering if consolidation is a trend that will continue into 2008. READ MORE

Revolutionizing the Production Process

BY Khalila SawyerIn 2004, as a follow-up to the development of the pyrolysis process, University Professor Christian Roy and his student Richard Cranford began to explore the possibilities of creating a unique membrane for the purification of syngas. Their efforts evolved into Quebec-based Vaperma Inc. a company specializing in the development and commercialization of advanced gas solutions for the production of ethanol, biodiesel and natural gas. Now, with its innovative membrane technology in hand, Vaperma looks to revolutionize the biofuels industry. READ MORE


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Ansul hosts ethanol fire training

BY Susanne Retka Schill