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Up Size, Downsize or Right Size?

BY Michael ShirekThe fuel ethanol industry's building frenzy has settled and the slowing pace of growth should give industry leaders a chance to decide where to go in 2008. Will companies continue to construct 100 MMgy plants in the heart of the Corn Belt or will smaller facilities make a comeback? READ MORE

Squeezing More Out of Corn

BY Jerry W. KramMillers have been converting corn into valuable products for centuries, so when a new process comes around claiming to do it faster, cheaper and cleaner while yielding more ethanol and creating more valuable coproducts, it demands attention. Reed-Three Rivers Bio-Grain Inc. is implementing a process they say will do all that. READ MORE

European Technology Companies Unite

BY Jessica EbertEight European firms have joined forces to market their technological wares to ethanol producers worldwide. Representatives of four Denmark-based companies held a symposium in Chicago to explain how their cutting-edge technologies reduce ethanol production costs, improve efficiencies and increase coproduct revenue. READ MORE

Connecting Capitol Hill to the Midwest

BY Jessica SobolikU.S. Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., is part of a growing group in Congress that is interested in and excited about the potential benefits of renewable fuels in the United States. Here, he shares some of his ideas and plans with EPM. READ MORE

Building the Biofuels Industry

BY Craig A. JohnsonWanzek Construction Inc. started in 1971 as a small firm headquartered in Leo and Janet Wanzek's home in Fargo, N.D. Today, the company has more than a thousand projects under its belt, employs 800 people and owns a fleet of 30 cranes. READ MORE

Putting Water to the Test

BY Bryan SimsWater quality is equally as important as water quantity in choosing a site for an ethanol plant. EPM talks to water management and project development consultants about the importance of water testing. READ MORE

More Corn a Cause for Concern

BY Susanne Retka SchillThe increase in U. S. corn acres planted in response to growing demand from the fuel, feed, food and export markets has raised concerns about water quality in watersheds and could lead to more stringent conservation practices. READ MORE

The Future of the Ogallala Aquifer

BY Anduin Kirkbride McElroyThe Ogallala aquifer irrigates some of the most important cropland for food and fuel. For years, it's been steadily depleting leaving some to wonder about the sustainability of tapping into it for increased corn irrigation and ethanol production. READ MORE

Bringing in the Biomass

BY Ron KotrbaNebraska twins invent the Residue Recovery System, a custom-made biomass collection system for combines that harvests and stores whole corncobs separately from the grain in a single pass through the field. READ MORE


The Fundamentals of Track Maintenance

BY Hal Harrison and Steve Kadrlik

A New Era in Design/Build Contracts

BY Todd Taylor and Kermit Nash

Breaking Down Walls

BY Erin K. Peabody

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RIN webinar reveals need for compliance

BY Anduin Kirkbride McElroy