Inside February 2008


Priming the Renewable Fuels Pump

Renewable fuels got the best holiday gift ever in December—an Energy Bill with an unprecedented 36 billion gallon renewable fuels standard. Right after it was signed, EPM talked with a number of corn-ethanol producers and those advocating cellulosics to gauge their reactions. READ MORE

Traversing the Waterways

BY Bryan SimsThe convergence of the marine transport sector and the ethanol industry is relatively new. EPM talks with maritime trade experts to see if the shipping industry can keep up with growing demand from the ethanol industry. READ MORE

Constructing Economics

BY Craig A. JohnsonThe bottom line is a big concern for those in the ethanol industry today. EPM takes a detailed look at what's changed on the construction side of the equation in the past year that could impact the industry in the coming year. READ MORE

Familiar Face Takes the CRFA Helm

BY Dave NillesFollowing the departure of longtime Executive Director Kory Teneycke the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association looked for government experience for his replacement. New CRFA President Gordon Quaiattini has taken the lead and is providing the Canadian biofuels industries with an experienced voice. READ MORE

Ethanol in the Fast Lane

BY Ron KotrbaOil companies and distributors in the Southeast are taking advantage of sustained lower ethanol prices, which has led to a rather interesting series of events. READ MORE

In Search Of Biomass Storage Solutions

BY Jerry W. KramWhen it comes down to the best way to move biomass from the field to the factory, the dry look may be out. Wet biomass offers advantages that may send the big bale back to the ranch to feed cattle. READ MORE

Move Over Corn, Wheat's King In Western Canada

BY Susanne Retka SchillWestern Canadian wheat growers anticipate ethanol will energize the wheat market there in the same way it has the U.S. corn market by creating a new use for the dominant grain crop. Using wheat to produce ethanol, however, has its challenges. READ MORE

Going Beyond the Corn Kernel

BY Michael ShirekPoet LLC didn't have far to travel to find a feedstock that it can use to turn the corner on cellulosic ethanol. During the 2007 corn harvest, the company showcased its plans to use corncobs as the primary feedstock for Project Liberty, its cellulose-to-ethanol expansion project at Poet Biorefining Emmetsburg in Iowa. READ MORE

Costly Chemicals

BY Jessica EbertThe once abundant and relatively cheap chemicals indispensable for the production of ethanol are now hard to get and expensive. Although the rapid rise of the industry is partly to blame for this, other factors are influencing the increasing cost of these compounds including high natural gas prices, the demands of the metal industry and incresing demand for fertilizer. READ MORE

How Big is Commercial Scale?

BY Ron KotrbaHow big is a commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant, and will we know it when we see it? READ MORE

Quick Off the Straw

BY Tom BryanA team of amateur race car drivers made history in December, powering a pair of Le Mans prototype race cars on cellulose-based E85 in the world's longest road race. READ MORE

WIREC 2008: A Global Perspective on Renewable Energy

BY Sarah SmithThousands of world and business leaders, legislators, global energy gurus and policy wonks are expected to converge on Washington, D.C., March 4-6 for what is being billed as the "largest all renewable energy event in U.S. history." READ MORE


Recalibrating the Board of Directors

BY Tracy E. Houston and Cindy Knutson

Managing Leadership Stress

BY Patrick B. Ropella

Distilled - Ethanol News & Trends

Poet to power Chancellor

BY Jessica Ebert

Sweden marks ethanol milestones

BY Anduin Kirkbride McElroy