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Overcoming E20's Obstacles

BY Kris BevillAs E10 has gained acceptance as a standard fuel in the United States, efforts are moving ahead to increase the amount of ethanol to 20 percent. Several studies have tested the effects of midlevel ethanol blends on vehicles, but more work remains to convince naysayers that midlevel blends are efficient, environmentally friendly and safe to use. READ MORE

Good Neighbors

BY Story and Photos By Susanne Retka SchillResidents of Watertown, S.D., are basking in the benefits that have accompanied the building of an ethanol plant on the edge of town. From lower utility bills for city residents to plentiful feed for surrounding dairy farmers and cattle feeders, Glacial Lakes Energy LLC has had a positive impact on the community. READ MORE

Food, Fuel and Politics

BY Anna AustinThe Food before Fuel campaign—designed to convince the public that biofuels are responsible for rising food costs and to press the government to rein in its renewable fuels' mandate—has caused a lot of heartburn. The question is whether consumers believe that the companies supporting this campaign are looking out for their best interests. READ MORE

Rocky Mountain E85

BY Timothy Charles HolmsethFrom a good idea, to a better idea, to a comprehensive governor's coalition, the state of Colorado has invested in an ethanol economy that's a long way from the Corn Belt, but motorists, business owners and foreign countries are taking note of Rocky Mountain E85. READ MORE

Beginning of the Blender Pumps

BY Erin Voegele / Photos by Susanne Retka SchillA grassroots biofuel revolution that's been brewing in South Dakota for years is on the verge of sweeping the country. Ethanol blender pumps, considered by many as a means to increase the demand for ethanol while reducing America's dependence on foreign oil and mitigating high gasoline prices, are popping up in various Midwest locations. READ MORE

Challenge X: The Last Lap

BY Bryan Sims / Photos By Roy FeldmanThe Challenge X: Crossover to Sustainable Mobility competition completed its fourth and final year in May. EPM talked with some of the teams who used E85 to gauge their opinions about using the renewable fuel. READ MORE

Food and Fuel Technology Bundle

BY Ron KotrbaTwo years ago, ICM Inc. began a project to integrate a 40 MMgy ethanol plant with an existing food-processing facility. The same engineering firm that standardized the dry-grind ethanol plant design now prepares to deploy its latest technology package—and dry fractionation is just the beginning. READ MORE


Measuring the Total Carbon Footprint of Biofuels Through Life-Cycle Analysis

BY Kenneth J. Markowitz, Bernd G. Janzen and Emily C.

Distilled - Ethanol News & Trends

RFS waiver in limbo

BY Kris Bevill

Corn market settles after Midwest weather woes

BY Susanne Retka Schill and Ryan C. Christiansen

Plymouth Oil to extract corn oil

BY Ryan C. Christiansen