Inside November 2008


Making The Switch

BY Susanne Retka SchillThe commercial production of cellulosic ethanol will require thousands of tons of biomass. EPM details three programs designed to entice farmers to switch from corn and soybeans to energy crops. READ MORE

On Target for 2012

BY Ryan C. ChristiansenThe National Renewable Energy Laboratory must help the United States to develop the technology necessary for making cheap fuels from cellulosic biomass by 2012. It's a goal that's not negotiable. READ MORE

Second-Generation Enzyme Logistics

BY Ron KotrbaEPM talks with three major enzyme makers about the challenges that lie ahead to cost-effectively manufacture and distribute cellulase and hemicellulase enzymes for biomass-based ethanol production. READ MORE

Furfural: Future Feedstock for Fuels and Chemicals

BY Jessica EbertFurfural, a sister chemical to the increasingly popular hydroxymethylfurfural or HMF molecule, is regaining attention as a biobased alternative for the production of everything from cellulosic ethanol and fertilizers to plastics and paints. READ MORE

Is Fractionation the Cure for High Corn Prices?

BY Amanda WatkinsIn the wake of recent price hikes in the corn market and rising global food costs, ethanol producers are looking for ways to cut operating costs. One option that is starting to gain traction is fractionation. While the process isn't new, it is becoming an attractive option for ethanol producers who are feeling the financial pinch of this turbulent year. READ MORE

Fueling a Revolution

BY Anna Austin and Erin VoegeleThe theme and tenor of the American Coalition for Ethanol's 21st Ethanol Conference & Trade Show clearly signaled that the industry is determined to overcome challenging economic conditions, negative press and misinformation that has plagued the industry. READ MORE

Clearing the Air

BY Kris BevillPrudent ethanol producers have shown an interest in becoming generators of carbon credits and are leading the way for others to follow despite the fact that carbon trading the United State is done on a voluntary basis. This is the first of EPM's two-part look at the current U.S. market and what might be in store for 2009. READ MORE

Cruisin' on E85

BY Hope DeutscherCraig Ammann of KL Process Design Group and a South Dakota Harley-Davidson dealership converted Ammann's 2004 Electra Glide Harley-Davidson motorcycle to run on ethanol. READ MORE


Emerging Energy Optimization Opportunities for Ethanol Facilities

BY Philip A. Marrone, Kenneth R. Liberty and David J.

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