Inside April 2009


Managing Ethanol Risk

BY Jerry Gulke

RIN Credits, Ethanol Blending and the 800-pound Gorilla

BY Ron KotrbaRenewable energy credit prices are on the rise as ethanol blend economics remain poor and the year-end reporting date looms. EPM talks with Clayton McMartin, president of Clean Fuels Clearinghouse, about renewable identification number credits, industry consolidation, and the oil industry's 800-pound gorilla, Valero Energy Corp., which can no longer be ignored. READ MORE

Concentrating on Coproducts

BY Anna AustinA diverse group of people pooled their expertise to design an advanced fractionation system specifically for the ethanol industry that maximizes food-grade production and product yields. READ MORE

Proposed Ethanol Plant List 2009: United States and Canada

By Megan Skauge, Ryan C. Christianson, Anna Austin, Erin Voegle, Hope Deutscher, Susanne Retka Schill, Ron Kotrba, Rona Johnson, Dave Nilles, Jessica Sobolik and Bryan Sims READ MORE

Obama and His Green Dream Team

BY Erin VoegeleThe new administration faces the historic challenge of guiding the nation through one of the most severe economic downturns in its history. During the campaign, hope and change were the pillars of President Barack Obama's message. Industry leaders share their expectations of the new administration with EPM. READ MORE

The Ethanol Line

BY Ryan C. ChristiansenRegional and short line railroads continue to upgrade their operations to move ethanol. READ MORE

Coming Clean

BY Bryan SimsWhether, and to what extent, businesses should disclose climate change risks in their U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings is gaining the attention of a number of stakeholders, including those in the ethanol industry. READ MORE


Identifying, Controlling the Most Common Microbial Contaminants

BY Patrick HeistMicrobial contamination is a significant concern for fuel ethanol producers. Proper cleaning guidelines and control strategies will help avoid potential yield losses and the production of unwanted organic acids. READ MORE

Design Guide: Safe, Efficient Loading Racks

BY Josh BakerDon't follow the one-size-fits-all approach to ethanol loading racks or corn delivery systems. Increase profits while providing workers safe access. READ MORE

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